Raise your standards. 

It it really important to learn to protect your energy.

Find time for yourself. 

You cant say " YES " to anything. 

To anyone.

Filter the man you are dating. 

If you want to date TOP SHELF MAN you will have to first learn to put that evaluation to yourself!

To be single is a choice.

When a man invites you to a date, do you imidiately say " Of course, i cant wait to see you" ?

If you do, for sure this is a wrong turn. 

This immdiately shows the man, that you are exited about him, no matter what the meeting is. 

За да демонстрираш на мъжа, че наистина си жена от класа с високи стандарти, попитайте го какво е планирал или какво е предложението му, че може дажвечеряте, само ако знае някое страхотно място. 

This imeadiately shows him, that he must work for you and that yoi will not agree for anything he put in the table. 

You go out with him, lays on how he treats you.


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